Admission Process

If you are planning to apply to an Australian university then you must start at least 6 months in advance (i.e. before the commencement of the course.) Any queries regarding the details of the course must be put forward. You can obtain application forms by email, air mail or even download it from the university website or through us. Times Consultant will provide you with adequate help and information. You will have to provide us with you educational documents, preferably notarized or attested. From there we can help you submit your admission application directly to the institute.

Selection of Course and Institution

Our trained counselor will fully assist you in this regard and suggest you the course and institute depending on your academic interest, financial circumstances and your eligibility for course.

Filling Out an Application form

There are electronic application forms available on a University’s website. You can either fill them out online, or download the form and fill out a printed copy. You may also acquire a copy of a printed application form from us. After you have selected a course after you have assessed your eligibility, you will be then required to fill out a relevant form stating your professional as well as personal details.

Submission of an Application form

Once you have completed and signed an Application form, then you may submit it to the institute with all relevant documents. We will assist you in doing so.

Conditional offer letter

Students who have not completed their course of study, or are waiting for their results will be granted a conditional offer letter. This may include not having an IELTS test score, unfinished Bachelor’s degree etc. Basically, if any students have “incomplete” documents, and have submitted a reason, the university or institute will grant the student with a “conditional offer letter”.

Offer of a place in a course

After your documents and eligibility are verified by the institute, you will be granted an “Offer of a Place in a Course” letter, which states your program of study, the duration of the program, program fees and documents considered and required. Please keep in mind, this letter is required for your Pre-Visa Approval.

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