Studying and living Canada

Costs of studying and Living in Canada

Studying at university is an expensive investment. Tuition fees have a disincentive effect on the poor and middle-income students. Studying in Canada is not free, but it is affordable. Canada offers the lowest tuition rates for foreign students compared to the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and the US. Rates at U.S. public universities were almost 1/3 higher than fees for Bachelor’s degrees in Canada, while U.S. private university fees were more than double
Canadian post-secondary education costs vary according to the program length, type, institution and province. Canadian universities and colleges offer undergraduate and graduate programs. The subject area coverage varies by institution, and some universities offer very limited variety. Tuition fees can vary between courses, institutions, and whether the students are resident or international

For international students English language proficiency is a vital academic requirement, the IELTS is widely accepted in all universities.  The school leaving certificate (Year 12 standard) or an equivalent is required to enter in to the degree program. The main focuses of study in Canada are social studies, arts and design, business management and much more among the engineering degrees as well as Medical courses such as MBBS and Pharmacy. A typical bachelor’s degree takes 3 to 5 years depending upon the course and degree. Typically undergraduate fee ranges between CAD$ 4,000 to CAD$ 14,000.

The master degrees are more focused and lasts either 1 or 2 years after completion of a Bachelors Degree program. The one year program is a course that is work based and the two year course is research based complete program. The fees for a graduate program ranges between CAD$ 4000 to CAD$15000. One needs almost CAD$ 12000 for all the expenses for an academic year other than the tuition fees. The universities often insist on GRE or GMAT other than TOEFL or IELTS to evaluate the performance of the student / international student.

Cost of living depends solely on the situation of the individual student.  However, these general guidelines will give you a sense of how to plan your expenses during your stay in Canada.

The doctoral program is very much narrowed and it requires very fine academics and undoubtedly commitment towards the research. Student with excellent master’s degree and research papers under their credits can apply for doctoral programs. The program is a minimum of 3 years. Many of these students study for about 4 years for the successful completion of the thesis, which s required for successful completion of a Doctoral degree.

Average cost of accommodation in Canada is about CDN $400. The living expenses range from CDN $ 7,200-11,000 per year. The expenses are high in bigger cities like Montreal and Vancouver.

Type Expenses
School-Provided Home staysSchool-Provided Residence/DormitoryOff Campus Housing $ 400- $800 per month$4000 – $7500 per year$250 – $ 750 per month
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