Malaysia Admission Process

Request Application Form:
After you have selected the institute for your studies in Malaysia, request an application form online or by Post. You best option is to have a consultation With our Counselors at Times Consultant, who will assist you further in selecting and applying to the best institute.

Submission of an Application Form with required Documents
Filling out an application form requires keen attention. Submit the completed application form to the college with the following documents.
Passport size photos x 7 (blue background)·
Certified copies of the secondary and/or tertiary academic results, i.e. certificates, academic transcripts, etc. If your copies are not in English, please include an English translation.·

1 set of photocopy of your passport (ALL PAGES including blank pages). Please ensure at least a one-year validity of your passport.·
a general medical report is required from your home country (No need for blood test report but just a simple health check from your doctor).·

Resume (an updated resume)·

SOP (A personal statement explaining your intentions to study in Malaysia and future plans)·

Proof of English language (Where applicable)·

References (generally two to three references are required, preferably from your academic institution)·

Application fees (If any)·

Offer letter from the Institute:

Upon receiving your documents, the institute shall issue the following documents to the student

  1. Offer letter
  2. Offer response and payment advice form
  3. Course fee refund policy
    • Student’s copy
    • Office copy
  4. Accommodation booking form

Submission of Signed forms with the Visa fees:

Completed and signed Offer response and payment advice form·

Completed Accommodation booking form (if applicable)·

Visa processing fees $250-$500  via international bank draft.

Once the above is received, all required documents will be submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Department for Student Visa application. Usually this process takes 4 – 6 weeks.

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