• Known as one of the safest, most tolerant, easiest to manage countries in Asia
  • Malaysia’s eighth world ranking in the field of education
  • Most significant non-western (higher) education hub model
  • Surprisingly low cost of living, affordable education, and good quality of life
  • Multicultural, vibrant environment for international students from more than 150 countries.


English Course

Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-lingual country with most Malaysians communicating in English. Thus, this makes Malaysia an ideal place for non-native speakers to practise the language. To help those who need to improve their English, many highly-experienced educational institutions and language centres in Malaysia offer language preparatory courses, especially to prepare International Students to sit for internationally-accepted English qualifications such as TOEFL and IELTS.The estimated tuition fees are:

Tuition Fees (in RM/USD) – Preparatory Courses For English Proficiency Tests
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)                      RM500 – RM800 (USD135 – USD216)
2 months
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)         RM450 – RM800) (USD122 – USD216)
2 months

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes
Malaysia offers you many study pathways to complete an entire 3-year bachelor’s degree programme at a very competitive cost if you have GCE A-Levels / SAM or other equivalent pre-university qualifications. The estimated tuition fees are:

Areas of Study Private Colleges’ Foreign Degree Programme RM (USD) Foreign University Branch Campuses’ Degree Programme RM (USD) Malaysian Private Universities’ Degree Programme RM (USD)
Business RM39,000 – RM52,000 (USD10,540 – USD14,050) (3 yrs) RM48,000 – RM84,000 (USD12,970 -USD22,700)    (3yrs) RM30,000 – RM40,000 (USD8,110 – USD10,810) (3 yrs)
Engineering RRM45,000 – RM47,000 (USD12,160 – USD12,700) (3yrs for UK degree) RM82,000 – RM102,000 (USD22,160 – USD27,570) (4 yrs for Aus degree) (3yrs for UK degree) RM46,000 – RM52,000 (USD12,450 -USD14,050) (4yrs for Malaysian degree)
IT RM33,000 – RM40,000 (USD8,920 – USD10,810) (3yrs) RM52,800 – RM84,000 (USD14,270 – USD22,700) (3 yrs) RM33,000 – RM43,000 (USD8,920- USD11,620)   (3 yrs)
Medicine ___ RM325,000 (USD87,840) (5yrs) RM250,000 – RM333,000 (USD67,570 – USD90,000) (5yrs)

Postgraduate Studies:
The public universities as well as the private higher educational institutions (PHEIs) in Malaysia offer International Students, the MBA and other Master’s Degrees as well as Post-Graduate programmes at relatively competitive tuition fees combined with international standards of education. The estimated tuition fees are:

Tuition Fees (in RM/USD) – Postgraduate Studies Offered by Public Universities & PHEIs
Master of Business Administration (MBA)                    RM20,000 – RM58,000 (USD5,410 – USD15,680)
Ph.D                                                                       RM10,500 –  RM38,000 (USD2,840 – USD10,270)


Living cost in Malaysia is very cheap; the below information is just for an idea. Mostly the living expense will be much cheaper than our estimation. For students from Pakistan Pakistani rupees is used as currency for better understanding.

Accommodation (shared): Rs. 4500/month
Food cost in Malaysia: Rs. 3200/month
Public transport: Rs. 1800/month
Books & Stationary: Rs. 1900/month
Entertainment Cost: Rs. 1500/month
Misc: Rs. 2100/month
Total Expense for one month: Rs. 15,000/month

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